A guide on how to survive misery

All these steps will not lead to elimination of sorrow. Infact,these steps will help you feel sorrow in a fully fledged way and eventually make you chanellise them in a constructive way, hopefully in the end, helping you make peace with it.

Step1:  Accept it. One of the most simple things you could do to yourself is come in terms with exactly how you’re feeling.
Manipulation of your own feelings will only further aggravate the situation and may affect your interpersonal relations. Accept that you’re desolated and gloomy.

Step 2: Sublimate your feelings. If you’re feeling anguish, the best thing to do is let it out. Hit a gym and overwork yourself to fatigue. If you’re feeling depressed, feel free to binge watch or the very clichéd treat yourself .Want to try something new? spend time with animals. And let their furry love overwhelm you and fill all your hollow parts with warmth and tenderness. Feeling lonely? No worries. Buy yourself some sexy lingerie. Get yourself the dress that you always wanted to but never really did. Go out on dates. Make out with people according to your sexual orientation. Hell, fucking procreate. Don’t let the society shame you for satisfying your sex drive.

Step 3: Now that you have been a ball of rebel and  are probably pumped up, time to slow down. Mind you,this might be the hardest of all steps. Sit down in a quiet place and intropect .Think about the root cause of your feeling. Why exactly are you feeling the way you are.  Could you have helped it in any way? Are you to blame? If yes, then own up. Own up that you fucked up. Own that you made a mistake.  Feel angry at yourself. Feel miserable. Feel  whatever emotion you think you should feel. The worst you could do is bottle it all up.

Step 4: Last but not the least, learn from it. Prepare yourself so well that when the next time a similar kind of situation knocks at the door you know exactly what to do. If not a cake walk, you could atleast  pat yourself with the way you dealt with it. One of the major reasons you could hate yourself is by repeating the same mistake.  Make sure you learn it in the first go.


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