To care


I know how the word ‘volunteer’ automatically gets synchronized with the  social welfare for  the community but this particular poem indulges the reader in how one can volunteer in other dominions of life

You walk in your house and
you see your mother doing the
For mere words ‘I love you
mom’ doesn’t work
even for her?
Even she needs proof .
Please don’t aloof.

As you walk past the kitchen
you see your little sister
Keep a hand on her shoulder and
ask her,”what’s wrong”
and reply by, “yeah I understand”
So she knows- not only
she is being made to understand
but also understood.

You are just about to reach your room
when you hear your father
screaming at your mother.
to not only shield your mother from
his scoldings but also to ask,
“Hey, you have been working hard,
give yourself some rest.”

So volunteer.
Volunteer to care.
Volunteer to be kind.







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