Selfhood’s hue

Each one of us are distinct in nature, have a different outlook on life and a diverging persona that discrete us from others, and   we all carry this ‘individualism’ with pride, dignity and honour as if that distinctness in us  encircle and circumscribe us in a bubble, in a globule, of self identify and selfhood but each with its own hue and its own tint of hue.
Nevertheles, this ‘differentiation’ in  self identity has to endure and withstand all the bleak and harsh  conditions and surroundings so it has to sustain and perpetuate its ‘true self’ till the end, but then there are people who mask their appearance, disguise and impersonate themselves and so try to engrave and carve their selfhood on others by splodging and smearing and staining others hues with their own facade  and charade pigment.
But what they don’t realise and comprehend  is that a blue’s imprint on a yellow globule will be green and never be only blue itself.


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